Visual Odometry - The Reading List

I am thinking of taking up a project on ‘Visual Odometry’ as UGP-1 (Undergraduate Project) here in my fifth semester at IIT-Kanpur. This post is primarily a list of some useful links which will get one acquainted with the basics of Visual Odometry.

The first thing that anyone should read is this wonderful two-part review by Davide Scaramuzza and Friedrich Fraundorfer:

One thing that I did not understand from the above tutorials was the ‘5-point algorithm’ by Nister in 2003. The original paper is here. But, this paper also seemed quite complicated for me to implement without any background, so I moved onto a simpler algorithm, called the ‘8-point algorithm’, which was published a long time ago by Longuet-Higgins. You can find it here. There are some lecture slides which explain this in a simple manner, and you can find them here.

Note, there are more papers that one should read regarding this, most notably:

In my next post, I will hopefully start working on my implementation.