Why Write

What spurred to revive this blog after a hiatus of over 6 years.

Deep Learning for Visual Question Answering

Answering questions about images using Neural Networks.

Monocular Visual Odometry using OpenCV

A tutorial with code for implementing a Monocular Visual Odometry system using OpenCV and C++.

Recognizing Human Activities with Kinect - The implementation

A continuation of my previous post on how I implemented an activity recognition system using a Kinect.

Recognizing Human Activities with Kinect - Choosing a temporal model

An overview of HMMs, MEMMs and CRFs for temporal modelling.

Visual Odmetry from scratch - A tutorial for beginners

Code+Tutorial for implementing Stereo Visual Odometry from scratch in MATLAB.

Stitching Intra-Oral Images

Using ASIFT feature matching for stiching images captured from an intraoral camera.

Every Tooth Tracked

Experimenting various segmentation algorithms to segment every tooth from an intraoral image.

Visual Odometry - The Reading List

Some resources for getting started with Visual Odometry


An introduction to the popular RANSAC algorithm for outlier rejection.

Parallel Programming with CUDA

Why use GPUs, and a "Hello World" example in CUDA/C.